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Cleaning Check List

Cleaning Staff and Guests,

We want our units to look fresh and clean when each guest arrives.  Our cleaning staff checks for damage; and they check the inventory.  It is their responsibility to assess if the condo requires normal or excessive cleaning before we return the security deposit.  Likewise, our guests check the unit when they arrive and ascertain  cleanliness.  

 Our conscientious cleaning staff and our considerate guests are the key to success for us.  We thank you both for your help.   

We have asked our cleaning staff to leave several sets of towels in the unit.  These take a very long time to wash and DRY when you leave.  As much as possible, please have all except your last minute towels washed, dried, and folded in the closet before you leave.  REPOSITION ALL HOUSEHOLD ITEMS AND FURNITURE TO THEIR ORIGINAL PLACE.  We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Guests are responsible for the kitchen/laundry area including all of the following.  Our cleaning staff will check these items as well.

  • Clean toaster including crumbs in bottom.
  • Clean sink, refrigerator, stove top and oven, microwave?inside and out. 
  • Clean the refrigerator, freezer, blender, rice cooker, crock pot, all small appliances,  coffee maker  
  • Empty trash cans and reline with plastic bags 
  • Discard all open food items.
  • Clean all pots and pans and dishes before putting them away.
  • Remove lint from the dryer and sock.  
  • Remove all dirt from the vacuum cleaner
  • Place all furniture, small appliances, cleaning supplies, clean towels, dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, flower arrangements, and lanai furniture to the same place it was when you arrived.

Staff Responsibilities for Cleaning and preparation of the Kitchen/living/sleeping area/lanai for guests

  • Wipe inside of all cabinets in Kitchen
  • Organize kitchen cabinets 
  • Clean housing above stove and vent
  • Clean garbage can and reline with bag
  •  Place 3 extra bags under sink
  • Open all drawers and wipe clean
  • Wipe off top of refrigerator 
  • Wipe all light switches in the condo
  • Clean cabinets top and bottom in kitchen and counter 
  • Clean behind stove and refrigerator 
  • Clean and wipe dry kitchen sink and faucet 
  • Place dish detergent on top of sink 
  • Put paper towels on towel holder in kitchen 
  • Clean top of counter and place one dish towel, dish cloth and/or sponge on counter  
  • Clean and organize under sinks  
  • Clean wall behind trash can
  •    Clean the ceiling fan and wall area between kitchen and the living room and long the refrigerator 
  •    Clean table and set with place mat, dishes, glasses, and chopsticks. 
  •   Wash all linens, make bed, fold and replace towels in closet  
  • Clean and polish dressers, nightstands, tables 
  •      Clean all pictures  
  • Clean all lampshades 
  •   Clean and straighten all artificial flowers 
  •    Clean couch after each guest 
  •    Clean all baseboards 
  •    Clean behind and under bed. 
  •   Clean behind  and under couch 
  •   Clean all windows inside and out 
  •     Clean all mirrors in condo or on lanai 
  •     Clean lanai railing, windows, mirrors, air condition housing, floors, and walls 
  •    Clean chairs, table, and arrange lanai 
  •     Clean door track and spray with silicone?found under sink.
  • Organize lanai for nice presentation 
  •   Clean air conditioner casing and filter 
  •   Clean portable fan thoroughly
  •    Clean TV screen, cabinet, top and behind 
  •   Clean drapes to release dust that has collected 
  •    Adjust drapes so they hang straight and be sure there are no missing hooks  

  •  Bathroom and Laundry area cleaning and preparation by Cleaning Staff

    •    Remove dust from filter in dryer and in sock at the end of the dryer hose
    •  Clean washer and dryer front and top
    •    Clean shelves in laundry area
    •    Clean wall above the dryer and in laundry area
    •     Clean louvered closet door
    •  Place one roll of toilet paper on holder and 3 under bathroom sink
    •  Scrub and sanitize toilet
    •  Clean and polish tub, shower area, shower doors
    •   Clean cabinets in bathroom and sink, mirrors, and walls.
    • Clean under sink and organize items for next guest 
    •    Place one hand towel, wash cloth, and bar of soap on the counter in bathroom 
    •    Place hand towels in basket and on racks in bathroom  
    • Wash all towels and fold and put in closet 
    •      Organize closet, and the shelves in the laundry room. 
    •    Place laundry detergent and dryer softening sheets on shelves 
    •   Clean shower curtain, and adjust so it is hanging properly 
    •      Scrub floor
    •  Clean flowers
    •   Clean mirror, sink
    •   Unscrew vent in bathroom and remove dust and lint 


    Presentation of condo by Cleaning Staff

    •   Leave air conditioning on in the condo so that dust does not accumulate before the arrival of our guests. 
    •   Be sure that all lights work and replace light bulbs as needed 
    •    Replace any stained dish towels, bedding, bedspread, bathroom rug, and towels. 
    •   Check for leaks under kitchen and bathroom sink and washer.  Inform me if there is a problem. 
    •    Clean under burners or replace with new liners from storage area. 
    •     Check furniture, walls, flowers, cocking around tub?and inform me if anything needs repaired or replaced.  Let me know of any damages caused by guest before security is returned. 
    •   Leave tour books, white notebook, and welcome card on the table. 
    •    Arrange dishes, pots/pans, small appliances, furniture as needed to leave place in order 
    •    Please see pictures provided for presentation of all areas of the condo.


    Inventory checklist

    •    Internet router and wireless router 
    •    Tour books and notebook 
    •   Crock pot, mixer, blender, Japanese rice cooker 
    •    Broom, mop, dust pan 
    •    Iron and ironing board  
    •    Beach chairs
    •    Boogie boards 
    •     Pictures/mirrors 
    •      Phone, hair dryer, hangers 
    •      Vacuum cleaner 
    •   Silverware 
    •     Dishes?4 each all matching 
    •    Glasses, bake ware, utensils, chop sticks 
    •    Coffee pot/toaster   
    •  Bath and hand towels, dish towels 
    •      4 deck chairs 2 of each kind 
    •   Step stool 
    •      Flower arrangements, umbrella 
    •      Place mats for table 
    •      Alarm clock and/or CD player 
    •   Decorative vase 
    •     No smoking signs, business cards, pages on refrigerator and washer/dryer

    Guests:  *Normal cleaning is expected.  Excessive heavy cleaning will result in an additional cleaning charge which will be deducted from the guest security deposit.  The above inventory list is also checked by the cleaning staff and broken or lost items are the responsibility of the guest.